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  Hannity  FOX News  November 25, 2015 7:01pm-7:22pm PST

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interviewed amay horowitz. he got on one of those rafts and interviewed people at the camps where the syrian refugees are being held. in spite of what the president says, he says 80% of them are men between the ages of 18 and 50. the president keeps talking about orphans as he insists that we've got to take in these syrian refugees. is he being honest with the american people? >> well, sean, i've been bringing it up for weeks. i looked at the migration. there doesn't seem to be very many women and children in that. they look like mostly young very strong men. this could be the ultimate trojan horse. but i'm saying what's going on? why are there so many men and so many young strong men and people are starting to see that now. i think i'm the first to have brought it up. but people are starting to see that now. in any event, we can't do this. we just can't do it.
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we have so many problems in our country. i like the idea of building a safe zone in syria and contributing and working with other countries and the gulf states who have to put up a lot of money. they have so much money and they're not spending it. but i think that's great. but from a humanitarian standpoint. but we can't take these people. we don't know who they are. they're totally undocumented. nobody knows where they came from. they don't have any paperwork at all. and we just can't be doing it. >> you're willing to offer humanitarian assistance. you're willing to create a safe zone with a coalition. you're willing to provide food and water and medical smis and cots and blankets and what the people need. our intelligence officials are warning it's almost impossible to ascertain whether or not isis will infiltrate the refugee population like they did in france. james clapper, the head of intelligence, our fbi director, our assistant fbi director, the house chairman of the homeland security committee are all saying that we can't possibly know if they'll infiltrate.
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so doesn't that -- must you not conclude that the president is willing to gamble with the lives of americans? >> look, we have a president, frankly, that doesn't know what he's doing. he doesn't have a clue. i've been watching law enforcement officials, many of them, saying there's no way we can tell, there's absolutely no method, there's nothing we can do to really tell and to really be sure. and it only takes one or two people. you see the destruction that they can cause and the problem. and then they say well we're taking some youth. the two boston bombers, they came in, who did such a horrible thing about the boston marathon, they came in, one was a very young guy and the other was a young guy, but they were very young people when they came in and they became radicalized and horrible. you saw what happened there. so it doesn't -- you know, it doesn't matter to me. we cannot do this. we should help them in terms of their land, we should help them build a safe zone, we should do whatever we can, get everybody
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involved, build a big, beautiful safe zone and then hopefully some day people can go back to, you know, where they want to be, probably, which is where they grew up, where this whole mess ends. but it's a very, very dangerous thing for our country to be taking these people. >> listen, the state department issues this generic security threat and warning to americans on the same day turkey, as you know earlier today, a russian war plane was shot down near the syrian border. they say they did not violate turkey's air space and as a result of that, "the new york times" pointed out one of the pilots that parachuted out was shot and president obama's comments were, well, turkey has a right to defend its air space and he calls for a de-escalation. i'm not sure he's understanding what actually happened here. >> i don't think he understands anything. i mean, he won't even say where the problem is, he won't talk about it. he won't mention anything that's slightly controversial having to do with muslim. and i know many muslims. they're wonderful people. but we have a lot of problems.
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and the problems -- i always say if they don't come from sweden. this is a problem that's unique and a very deep seated problem and we have to get to the bottom of it, but we can't be taking the people in, we can't be taking the syrian refugees in and we have to be very smart. we're not being smart right now. now you are seeing planes being shot down. i mean, what, are we going to end up with world war iii here because we have a president that understand what he's doing? >> let me go back to the fact that you talk about people in new jersey that there were reports that in fact there were celebrations after 9/11. now, if we go to "the washington post" and this was just seven days after 9/11 on the 18th, "the washington post" says in jersey city within two hours of two jetliners plowing into the world trade center, law enforcement authorities detained and questioned a number of people who were allegedly seen celebrating the attacks and holding tailgate-style parties on rooftops while they watched the devastation from the other side of the river. by the way, the associated
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press -- >> right. >> -- at the same time also wrote about rumors of rooftop celebrations. t"the washington post," i looke, i don't see one example where they made a correction in 15 years or 14 years. >> they did no correction, absolutely. >> and the star ledger also reported. bu this up whole cloth. whole cloth. >> i did not make it up, no no. it happened. i saw it. it was all over the place. it was on the internet. by the way, that "washington post" article which was six or seven days later, i've received hundreds of phone calls in my office from people saying they saw it. they were over there. people that live in new jersey. they saw it. there was a celebration that they were so happy when the world trade center was coming down that they were celebrating. and i've had hundreds of phone calls, and i've had many, many tweets on @realdonaldtrump. but i've had tweets and people saying that they saw it, that
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i'm right. and i am right. i'm 100% right. look, i'm only saying it because we have to be vigilant. i'm not saying it for any reason. i don't want to stir anything up. but you have some people living here where we have some very, very serious problems. we have to be very careful, we have to be very vigilant. >> that brings up the question, your comments earlier this week about waterboarding. i had interviewed jose rodrig z rodriguez. and we only waterboarded three people. a lot of people don't know that. only three. but in the case of khalid sheikh mohammed, it led to the intel which led to the courier, which led to bin laden. according to him, would we have gotten bin laden without the waterboarding, he said absolutely we would not have. explain why you think that is a necessary tool that we need to be using? >> well, first of all, i think it works. i have no doubt that it works. maybe not in all cases and maybe they'll give false information sometimes, but i have no doubt that it works.
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but the fact is that they're chopping off heads, they're drowning people in cages, they're keeping the cage under water for a half hour and then pulling it up with many people in there. they're doing acts that nobody has ever seen before or even heard of before and we're worried about waterboarding. how stupid can we be? and it does work, the waterboarding. >> we lost 3,000 people because of radical islamists. let me play for you congressman i think he's the first muslim american congressman. if i remember correctly he took the oath on the koran. and he made a comment that your rhetoric could cause assaults and murders. and i want to give you a chance to respond to him directly. listen to what he said. >> all right. >> he's whipping up hatred to scapegoat a minority religious group which has very dangerous historic precedences, as you might agree. it's the kind of behavior,
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that's classic demagoguery. and you know, he's going to get somebody hurt. the people who are mentally unstable or motivated by hate come out of the woodwork and you see desecrations of buildings that are associated with that group. you see assaults. you see murders. >> mr. trump, i've never heard you talk about muslims in general. i've heard you talk about radical islamists. he is saying that is not the case. what's your answer to him? >> well, again, we have a president that refuses to even use the term "radical islamic terrorism" or anything having to do with that. and unless he's going to use the term, unless he's going to understand what's going on, we're never going to solve the problem. we have to solve the problem. as far as what he said, more people are getting hurt by being weak. we can be weak and we can close our eyes to the problems in this country. and we do that too often anyway, but we can close our eyes, put
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blindfolders on and more people are going to get hurt by doing that. you'll have so many people hurt. i'm talking about massive. we cannot continue to be a weak country that's poorly led and just wants to be politically correct about everything. you have to say what it is, you have to use the terms and the terminology. you're never going to solve the problem. you're never going to solve the problem with this president anyway. i've been telling you on your show for three years now you have to attack the oil. you have to take over the oil, you have to attack the oil. they were laughing, oh, how crazy. they were going to generals and the generals were told what to say. and they would say now all of a sudden three or four days after paris, they start attacking the oil, doing exactly what i said. you should do much more. you should keep -- >> they're the richest terrorist organization and they have more land mass than any other terror group before. coming up, part two of sean's interview with donald trump from yesterday. the gop front-runner talks about his standing in the polls and is it true he might consider
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i have a stack of articles. i know you can't see them where they are, mr. trump. today's "usa today," it quotes karl rove. i don't agree with his policies. he's not a conservative. he's only been a republican for a short period of time out of convenience. john kasich is now running ads that call like the golden oldies of donald trump. things he thinks you said that are controversial. you've got a group that has declared war on you with liz mayer and wilson. but the bottom line is clearly you now establish yourself as the guy to beat. now they're going to be spending the now they've declared pretty much war against you and the ads are coming. what is your answer to the battle that they have started? >> well, this is really a violation of the pledge, you know, the pledge was taken by me in all good faith and this is a little bit of a violation or a big part of a violation. as far as, you know, like a guy like kasich, he's so far down in the polls, he's embarrassed.
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he's the governor of ohio. i'm beating him in ohio soundly in the polls and i'm killing him -- i think he's down to two now. i think he'll probably have to get out of the race. this is just desperation for him. he probably doesn't want to do it but he's got no choice. karl rove is a loser. karl rove has been hitting me for years now. he still thinks mitt romney won the election. he spent hundreds of millions on elections and didn't win one of them. last time to get a couple of victories he went to sure things over the last year and a half he went to sure elections because he had to get some victories under his belt with the money that he rips off from people. karl rove has been a loser for a long time. the most important poll is also in the fox poll, you see it, that i'm beating hillary clinton soundly in the general election. >> in a head-to-head matchup, that's right. obviously the establishment's going to spend millions and millions now. you see the articles, i assume you're reading them.
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i assume there's going to be some response from you. what is it? and are you considering going third party? because that came up yesterday. >> let me put it this way, look, i love the republican party. ronald reagan was a democrat also and he went republican and pretty conservative republican. he was actually part of a liberal democrat and he changed. i was a democrat at one point and i became a republican. i'm really following a very similar path, actually. we have a lot of things in comm common. i can tell you that. i made a deal with the republicans. they're not treating me right. they're trying to save themselves. they look very bad. they look very foolish. all the people that you mentioned look very, very foolish. they're trying to save something out of it. but it's not a good thing. it wasn't the deal i made, i have to be honest with you, it wasn't the deal i made with the rnc and reince priebus and the group. we'll see what happens.
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right now i'm very happy where i am. i'm leading by tremendous margins and we just had the great iowa poll, in new hampshire we're leading by tremendous, south carolina, which you didn't mention, we're leading by a tremendous amount. and hopefully we can carry that on to the end and i'll win the election. but you know, i love the republicans. i'm a conservative guy and we'll see what happens. >> you made the deal with reince priebus? are you happy with the rnc? karl rove is not a part of that. these other establishment groups, money groups aren't a part of that. will you hold rins and the rnc responsible. >> he's a nice man, we get along great. but there should be some semblance of order within the party. they've lost so many elections. romney should have won the last election. some bad things happened there, some really bad things. he obviously didn't finish very well in the last month. i don't know what happened to him, but he certainly didn't
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finish very strong. that wouldn't happen with me, believe me, we'll win. that's why i'm doing it. i backed john mccain. and because of karl rove and what happened in that last, you know, few months with bush, i mean, in all fairness, i don't blame mccain. he couldn't have won that election, what happened at the last few months of the bush term. i mean, it was a disaster. now, romney should have won. that should have been won. karl rove still thinks that romney won. karl rove is still going around, i think romney won. it took him three days to realize that romney didn't win. that should have been an election that was won and i don't want that to happen again. we have great potential in our country. our country has tremendous potential. i always say the american dream is dead, but i'm going to make it bigger and better and stronger than ever before. i'm not going to rely on anybody anymore. i backed both of them. and again, i don't blame mccain. that was an election that really would have been very hard to win because of what happened in the
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final months of the bush administration. but i do blame romney. he should have won that election. something happened. he went away. he wasn't doing what he should have been doing while obama, say what you want, he was going on talk shows, on jay leno and letterman. he was all over the place. romney was like lost. i don't want to have that happen again. we want to win. >> i don't think the country can afford to lose again. >> they cannot afford it. >> i agree. we can't afford it with foreign policy and the economy's in shambles. last question i'm gog play you two ads. the dnc attacking republicans. they say you're grouping all muslims together but they quote you in the ad as saying we have a problem with radical muslims. let's play them both. [ laughter ] >> including fbi. [ laughter ] >> i don't know why that's
7:20 pm
funny. >> we are at war with radical islam. >> radical islamic terrorism. >> you do have a problem with radical ms. huslims. >> radical jihadists. >> radical islamic terrorism. >> how far in are you going to go in an ad war if millions and millions are being spent on you -- against you? >> well, look, i built a great company. the company is amazing. it's, you know, it's peanuts we're talking about. i'm going to spend whatever i have to spend. i'm going to spend what i need to spend. and part of the reason this i'm doing so well is i have some of the great assets of the world. i have tremendous cash flows. when i filed my statements everybody was amazed at the size of what i've been able to build. and that, frankly, the reason i tell you that is that's the kind of thinking that our country needs, sean. we need that kind of thinking. if you look, $19 trillion and we
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have nothing but problems. obamacare's a disaster. it has to be repealed and replaced. our vets aren't taken care of, our military isn't taken care of. we're falling way behind. we're the most unprepared now in the military than we've ever been in the history of our nation. think of that. said by general oriana. that wasn't said by me. i watched him on one of the shows, i think it was on fox, believe it or not. and we are in bad shape. we can take this next election but we have to be smart and i'm a unifier. a lot of people would say i'm not. i'm a great unifier. i get along with people. and you watch what happens, we'll unify. but we have to unify as a party because if we don't, i will tell you we'll have another loss. you don't want to lose. you can't have another four years of a hillary clinton. that would be catastrophic. if i get the nomination, i will beat hillary clinton. >> mr. trump, always a pleasure.